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from the Magic Pen
of Alberto Arcia

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Marika and The Dragon and Other Fantasy Tales are stories featuring three girls, a smart bear, and a peculiar camel. Two are sisters, the other, a fearless young girl, possessed with special powers.  It’s a tale of female power, and animal superiority.  Yet, it is also a tale of family, wizardry, magic, loyalty, love, and fellowship…

 There are many more characters in it, but these five are the most important. So, settle into a good frame of mind, and let me take you to a time when the world was ruled by the whims of hard men.

A writer is whole only while in the company of other writers.

Alberto Arcia is the "Panamanian Humorist from Texas".  He is a writer of bawdy, comedic adventure stories, as well as erotica, and fantasy. He is also a Playwright, a Closet Poet, a Screen Writer, and a Producer.  
Alberto is the creator of the Alex Perez series, stories about a lovable Panamanian lothario.  Most characters in Alberto's stories are based upon the perceived personalities of his friends and family.  Some he hasn't seen in years, and others have passed on.  By incorporating them into his novels, they remain alive and with him.  
Disclaimer:  A person can't make fun of things, people, or cultures he dislikes; to do so would be in bad taste, and most unacceptable.  However, if you like, love, respect, or are fond of them ... they are open game to be poked, ridiculed, and made jest off.  If you do not find yourself, or your culture being chastised in any of his books, it's a good bet he's not fond of you, or your ethnicity.  Then again, you could be one of those deemed "untouchable" for health reasons.
Philosophies:  The truth in its purest form is boring, which is why fiction was invented.  A lie is not a lie if it's intended to save your ass. After midnight, no one should be held accountable for their deeds.  If the end goal is a good one, all roads to get there are allowed. 

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